Welcome to
Brilliance Tattoo

Brilliance Tattoo is a new studio located on Commonwealth Ave, in the heart of Boston University. Our shop was created with today's tattoo collector in mind; someone who is looking for a quiet, welcoming, non-intimidating environment to receive some personal attention and guidance on your new tattoo.

All our tattooists are custom artists. This means we do not have "flash" designs on the walls of our shop (unless they were painted by us), but we do have a large reference library and an open ear to listen to your ideas and design something just for you.

Each artist schedules consultations and appointments individually on weekdays, and we take small walk-ins (less than 4"x4") on Saturdays from 11-7. Unfortunately we recieve more requests for tattoos than we have time to accommodate, and some of our artists do have a wait list or take periods of time off of new clients to get caught up on drawing for existing clients. This means if you have a larger or more involved tattoo, it may take a little more time, and that we occasionally have to turn away some work if it does not fit within our schedule or drawing style. We hope though that you appreciate the time and effort we put into each and every tattoo that we can take on.